Google has released Chrome 68, this means that website pages without HTTPS URLS will be marked as not secure.

All plain HTTP sites have been marked as not secure since July 24th 2018. Have you checked if your website is secure or not secure? Google Chrome is one of the most commonly used browsers both on Desktop, tablet and mobile. It is rumored that other website browsers are going to follow suit.

It is strongly recommended that all websites are upgraded to HTTPS URLs to become secure; even if your site does not contain private information such as logins and payment information. Depending on each individual website, a change from HTTP to HTTPS can be a short task for your website developer of Digital Agency, however it does depend on your website’s hosting infrastructure.

First impressions count for a lot in business. You have one opportunity to impress your visitor with a website, if Google Chrome marks that website as ‘not secure’, do you think this provides the appropriate first impression to a potential customer or client? Of course not.

SEO is a key element of a Digital Marketing strategy in this day and age, and it has been reported that Google Algorithm will better support websites who are using an HTTPS enabled website

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