ThinkEngine is pleased to announce that it has selected The Hospice of St Francis as its preferred charity partner for 2018-2019.

Berkhamsted-based charity, The Hospice of St Francis, will benefit from ThinkEngine’s experienced team, skills, and network on a monthly basis. Already, Ben Michaelis and the ThinkEngine team have been able to provide The Hospice of St Francis with advice on Digital Marketing/infrastructure, innovation planning and productivity improvement consulting which will greatly benefit the charity’s long-term strategic planning and fundraising potential.

ThinkEngine Founder, Ben Michaelis explained his delight with the partnership ‘I am absolutely thrilled that The Hospice of St Francis has accepted the opportunity for my team and I to support them moving forward. I am a firm believer that supporting local charities is essential in business, it’s the fit and proper way to be an ethical company in the present time. I am extremely excited with the discussions and meetings we have already had and relish the opportunity to support the charity achieve long-term digital improvement moving forward.

Kate Phipps-Wiltshire, CEO at The Hospice of St Francis is also delighted with the news: ‘From our first meeting it was clear that we had the beginnings of an inspiring partnership with Ben and ThinkEngine – already we are learning so much!  ThinkEngine using their expertise to help us at the Hospice is a great example of how business and charity can work together for the benefit of local people. Ben joins our vibrant network of corporate partners making a difference to the lives of local people in new and exciting ways’.

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