Does your business have sustainable long-term Marketing and Sales infrastructure in place to grow?

Learn ThinkEngine’s top tips to Marketing and Sales growth, with the future in mind!

1. Get the basics right!

Don’t try and run before you can walk! We’ve had years of experience working with organisations of all sizes trying to take things a step too far before they have the basics in place.

Ultimately, you must ensure that both Marketing and Sales objectives align with the overarching Corporate objective, otherwise you are doomed from day one. Many clients have approached our team and explained that they want to achieve ‘XXX’ Marketing or Sales objective however, that often didn’t align with the greater company objectives. So how will it work? It seems a very easy mistake to make but it’s very often neglected, even by multi-billion-pound companies.

2. Don’t run before you can walk..

Next up, ‘keep it simple stupid!’ – ensure your company has created, at the very least, a Marketing and Sales strategy, they should align – does yours?

Marketing & Sales departments are meant to be working together as one team, without one or the other, very rarely do you see success nowadays.

3. Lead Gen improvement

Marketing Tip – Lead Generation activity, how good are you generating leads? Have you thought about using Digital Advertising to generate leads on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter for example? If you have, how effective is that advertising? Only you can answer that, but you should always be asking the question – ‘how could we improve?’. You have many options, one example could be to introduce targeted landing pages (with specific audience related content and/or downloadable content) to draw engagement and signups/purchases from your audience? If you aren’t sure, do some reading around ‘lead magnets’ – it’s well worth a 10-minute read. 

4. Automation is the way forward..

Use Automation with workflow processes that work for your business – for those of you who aren’t familiar with automation, this is a custom designed/built work flow process used in Email Marketing software. The way it works is simple; its sole purpose is to remarket and engage your audience using email marketing. An example might be: if we were selling tickets for a B2B event or conference, you might send your email database recipients an email suggesting that tickets are now on sale, with an early bird price now available (this will help to gain signups/purchases). Then, a week later the automation process may be designed to email the database again with an insightful industry article which will benefit your target audience – in this day and age, content engagement will drive sales, if your company doesn’t have a content strategy in place, go and Google it!

A great mix of content and sales related material can work well. However, your content cannot be too sales focused. The likelihood is that your audience will unsubscribe from your data list out of frustration. Be clever and creative, it doesn’t take much time or effort to think about the pain points of your audience, if you can provide valuable advice, content or value, they will read it and make their own assumption on its quality. If you are that company that thinks outside the box then you can maximise the potential of email marketing. Using content to engage customers and prospects is a great and effective way to grow interest in your brand.

5. Are you using software to help grow sales?

Sales Tip: how good is your company at nurturing leads with a CRM or sales pipeline software? Some of you at this point will be franticly opening a new tab on your browser, keying in ‘CRM’ or ‘sales pipeline software’ into Google… but don’t worry! Back in the day it was okay to use the ‘back of a fag packet’ approach, in an evolving digital world with fierce competition, you really can’t afford to be poor at using sales software that is designed to help you convert more clients or sales. Admittedly, some companies can do without CRMs or sales software due to their business or sector, however, many companies are seeing value in CRM’s such as Hubspot, SalesForce or Active Campaign to deliver incredible benefits which could save their business vast sums of time, money and resources – and let’s not forget to improve their revenues – that’s the main reason!

Another tip we feel is key when using CRM’s/software is to be structured and use it day-to-day, it will make a big difference to your business development process. Another key benefit is that most dynamic and affordable CRM systems can integrate into your existing online platforms that you may use, and if you use them for both Marketing and Sales – it will help to deliver consistency and continuity across your company.

Should you have any questions, or require any further advice on Marketing or Sales infrastructure, get in touch with the ThinkEngine team today!

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